Instagram accounts you should follow

Instagram is a fantastic visual social media that boasts 300 million active users every single day, and is probably my favourite and most used app. However, I don’t always use this platform to my advantage because I’m too busy looking through other people’s beautiful pictures of their pets or pretty sunsets or selfies of my celebrity crushes. Here is a list of my top 10 favourite Instagram accounts and why I love them so much. 

1. AnneliesVanOverbeek

Annelies is a young woman who loves recreating historical characters, old photographs and her idols (she also occasionally posts pictures of her cat Darcy). She has a large wardrobe of vintage clothes and shoes that I am forever in awe of. And she’s lovely too, always thanking everyone who follows and compliments her. 

2. Ruby.Tandoh

You may remember Ruby as the runner up on the Great British Bake Off in 2013. Well she’s still baking, has a book out and often writes baking columns for The Guardian. She’s funny on her social media sites shutting down haters, fangirling over celebs (usually Harry Styles) and promoting body positivity and eating whatever the fuck you want to eat without feeling guilty. She’s a wonderful role model for everyone.

3. Cats_of_Instagram

This Instagram always makes me happy. If it’s not cats looking cute it’s cats falling over and styling it out. 

4. Australia 

For as long as I can remember I have had the dream of eventually living and working in Australia. So whilst I wait to become rich(!) I have this account to keep me dreaming. There’s a range of beautiful perfect sunsets and towering cityscapes along with snaps of classic Australian animals looking adorable.

5. BlackJaguarWhiteTiger

A non-profit foundation that looks after and treats abused big cats (among others), this account gives you an up-close and personal look at some of the most beautiful wild animals in the world, whilst educating you on the threats they face everyday. The man who runs the sanctuary is very good at keeping his followers in the know; he shows you what animals are being medically treated and why, what food he feeds what animals, what stimulation/entertainment they need. He’s also adamant that they are NOT his pets and this is why these sanctuarys are necessary (a lot of the animals used to be pets before their owners refused to look after them once they grew too big). It’s a foundation that’s worth the support. 

6. MinimalistBaker

Just the way Dana pictures her food will have you wanting to eat everything you see. Her aim is to show you food that is quick to create and easy to understand, without fuss or stress. It’s also mostly vegetarian, so no expensive and fiddly meats to work with. 

7. NatGeo

I love these kinds of accounts that not just present beautiful photos of the world, but also write paragraphs about what you’re seeing, and usually educate you at the same time. There is a large variety of photos on display, from mysterious sea creatures in the Atlantic to panda keepers dressed in panda costumes tracking cubs in China, some are funny, some are sad and others are inspiring. As someone who has always wanted to travel the world, this gives me a little insight into what is out there that I am yet to experience. 

8. StyledByMarvel

I love this account despite wanting to spend all my money on the products. The Instagram doesn’t make the products themselves, but points you in the direction to where you can purchase them. It’s not the type of comic book merch you’d find on official websites, but (in my opinion) a lot more creative and discreet in its design. 

9. JuniperFoxx

This is run by a woman who brought a fox (Juniper) from a breeder and simply started posting pictures of her online, slowly attracting a following who fell in love. She has now turned the account educational, informing people on the facts of living with and looking after a fox (sometimes accompanied by images of her bitten hands and destroyed clothes!). Juniper is adorable and has the happiest of smiles.

10. AmyPoehlerSmartGirls

A truly uplifting, feminist account that makes you feel great about being a person. It’s feel-good, inspirational and supports women all over the world for a variety of reasons. It’s created by comedian Amy Poehler and her best friend Meredith Walker so it’s also funny and quirky. 


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